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We are dedicated to making learning 'FUN'. Regardless of age learning begins with awareness and knowledge. Full understanding however evolves from skill development. With this in mind, NAC takes learning out of the classroom and brings it alive, on stage through music, dance, and drama workshops.



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The Way We Work:

Our creative and innovative approach enables our students to develop confidence as artists and performers in an alternative and fun-filled environment.

NAC staff come to your establishment and provide a comprehensively structured performing arts workshop. Our flexibility and adaptability allows us to deliver workshops that meet individual needs as required. Our students are able to achieve not only recognition for their work but also valuable life skills including team and confidence building.

Teaching performing arts the NAC way enables our students to explore more than just a subject. In using dance, song and theatrical performance, we positively encourage individual creativity enabling our students to develop confidence in their own ideas as well as boosting their communication abilities.

Our Beliefs:

We believe that competency and mastery of anything requires:


These three P's are the key to success. NAC is able to take these principles and use them to elevate desire into success. After all we all know how much easier learning new things seems when you are having fun.

Why Choose Us:
Learning really doesn't’t have to be a chore when you do it the NAC way. At NAC we motivate and inspire our community of students and we fully support them in their artistic goals while fulfilling their educational needs.

All of our programs are designed to be flexible and accommodating to individual cultural needs and interests.
So whether you have students who;
Need extra help with the English language - NAC have dedicated TEFL qualified staff committed to providing a unique and beneficial experience with proven results.
SEN or behavioral problems - NAC staff have extensive experience with regards to students who are considered to have extra requirements, and as such are able to relate and adapt course content and/or delivery respectively.
Or, maybe you would like to push your outstanding performing arts students towards a school production, presentation, or practical GCSE/A level assessments - NAC are able to work alongside your curriculum and give an added boost to overall confidence and performance abilities, as well as offering a fresh approach and taking the strain out of what could seem a stressful time.
Or - Maybe you would like to get your pupils more involved  with after school/lunchtime workshops we also provide an  energetic dance classe for all ages
NAC's school of peforming is also available in the UK as an extra curriculum activity which gives students the opportunity to perform in shows and expand their performing Arts knowledge.
You can be safe in the knowledge that NAC staff are able to develop and adapt their skills, methods and delivery in order to give your students an amazing and positively influential experience, from which they will gain confidence and new skills, all whilst working towards a certificate of achievement.


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