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All of our packages are structured around performing arts. Pupils become engaged in their learning through their artistic ability.

Using a variety of teaching materials and techniques, workshops are offered to promote confidence and development, as well as overall team-building. Assessments are primarily practical but there are also some areas of theory.

Once you have made your package selection, the full NAC performing arts programme will be sent to you.

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 WORKSHOP 01 Details


Pupils engage in a series of performing arts workshops enabling them to develop their artistic ability and level of performance.

At the end of the course pupils are able to showcase their talent in a fun-filled night of entertainment judged by a panel.
    WORKSHOP  02 Details 


The focus of the drama workshop is to develop the pupils' confidence through performance, thereby enhancing;
  • English spoken language
  • Technique
  • Communication development
  • Coping strategies to real life situations

Techniques used in this area include script work and improvisations.

   WORKSHOP 03 Details


Through music and lyrics pupils are able to learn more about the varying levels involved in music development. All styles and genres are included ie, pop, rock, rap, folk, and classical. Pupils are able to develop their abilities in singing, playing musical instruments, or both, as well as learning about music production, lighting, PA,and song writing. Pupils are encouraged to exercise their own creativity by creating their own English lyrics and melodies to create their own track.
. School choirs
 WORKSHOP 04 Details


Pupils will learn a warm-up and dance routine choreographed by one of our arts counselors assisting their development of 'dance terminology' as well as the choreographic process. Pupils will create their own routine which they will be able to perform in groups.

NAC's objective is also to promote the general well-being and fitness levels of students.

NAC's dance instructors teach all-styles of dance, if there is a specific style you would like just let us know! 

At the end of this course pupils have to write a short assignment detailing their experience.

 WORKSHOP 05 Details

Dance, drama and music workshops! We cater to whatever you require :
  and more


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NAC aspires to provide you with first rate service that meets all of your expectations.  We are both flexible and accommodating to individual interests and are more than happy to tailor our packages to meet your specific needs.
These may include, but are not limited to;
  • Developing the English language
  • SEN or behavioural problems
  • General health and fitness
  • Exam preparation or preparation for a school production
  • After school & lunchtime workshops.
  • Speacial events- Black history month, Festivals, science projects Christmas , halloween , easter and many more!

Just contact us with your requirements, and together we can create your perfect package.

All of our arts counselors are CRB/DBS checked and are fully qualified in their field or TEFL. They also have extensive teaching experience with a broad range of age related and circumstantial differences. This enables them to develop and adapt their skills, methods, and delivery in order to give your students an amazing and positively influential experience.

"Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great" - Abdul Kalam

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